Foothill students and advisers take many trips to colleges, such as American River College and Stanford.

By Alisia Barrera

Foothill High School student, age 17

Foothill High School’s Cheri Mendoza took her Child Care & Development/Careers with Children classes on a field trip to American River College on the third of April. At ARC, the students attended an orientation and learned about the courses available in the field of child care. When the students entered the conference room, an ARC folder stuffed with brochures and pamphlets was sitting on the tables for them. Four representatives discussed classes concerning the well-being and education of children. After a couple hours of info-filled lectures from the representatives, the visitors were led around campus for a tour. They explored the child care center.

The child care center is separated from the college and has seven rooms. As the students walked in, they noticed a beautiful little area full of plants where the young ones learn about science. Each age group (ranging from two to kindergarten age) is kept in a different room. All of the rooms contain fun toys and games, costumes to play dress up, and a wooden playset where children can play doctor. Outdoors there are sandboxes, jungle gyms, and wagons.

A playhouse was also available for the children to go in. The kids also had their own small garden away from the playground, where they could sit outside at tables and enjoy the sun.

“I really love the little garden, it is a great way to teach kids about nature, and the children also get to enjoy the nice weather,” said an anonymous student.

Nap time does take place in ARC’s child care center, but is not a requirement. The cafeteria supplies food and snacks for the kids too.

“ARC’s daycare is really well put together and makes it so I don’t have to worry so much about my daughter while I am in class,” another parent said. American River College has a spectacular child care program, and while their priority is their students, they also find plenty of time to run their child care center during the summer.