imageIn today’s economy many people find themselves either without a job or trying to find one. With that, it is easy to conclude that actually getting a job can be tough with all of the competition. To take just a little bit of that competitive edge off, some teachers, like Todd Mills at Hiram Johnson, have created a project designed to replicate the job application process.

Over the course of three weeks, Mr. Mills had students produce a resume, for many of his seniors for the very first time. He had them make three drafts before he considered them ready for an interview. A week prior to the “interviews” the students watched and took notes on appropriate dress, appropriate body and verbal language, and just simple interviewing tips. The students filled out an application for Raging Waters, and Mr. Mills even took it so far as to give job titles for the students to apply for. Day after day Mr. Mill’s economics class developed interviewing skills that many people have yet the opportunity to have.

When asked why he decided to do this project he simply replied, “I decided to have the mock interviews because I feel that it is important for students to get some real world experience for the interview process.  As high school seniors many students have not had an opportunity for a job interview and with summer right around the corner this is a great opportunity for them to get some experience”.

No other economic class at Hiram Johnson had this opportunity.

On the day of the interview, about twenty five extremely professionally dressed seniors sat in their desks waiting for their name to be called. Each one of them looked more nervous than the other.

One of the students Marisa Montanez could only say, “I will never have an opportunity like this again, and I am very grateful for it”.

After all the interviews, Mills decided that all the students hard work paid off, because he would hire all of them.

After the project concluded Mills said, “The competition for a job in the real world is very fierce and this was an excellent way for students to understand and experience the amount of effort it takes to be successful.”