As the weather of spring approaches, many people find themselves cooling themselves down with a nice cold beverage. More times than not this cold beverage consists of some sort of sugary drinks. While I’m sure at the moment it seem like nothing, but before you took a sip have you ever wondered what that sugary drink is really doing to you? 

Time Magazine reported that in 2010 alone “researchers reported that 25,000 deaths were linked to sugary beverages.” 

Soda is now presenting itself in a way that is new to the public; it is a nice refreshing beverage, but with time it can also mean death. This process does not happen overnight. You don’t go and enjoy a soda at lunch, and then take your last breath tomorrow. There is a process, or certain effects soda has on one’s body. These include heart complications and the most commonly known, obesity. These are very serious health concerns that many people find themselves suffering from. 

One fifth of Sacramento residents are considered to be obese, according to Find the Data. It’s easy to assume that soda consumption plays a part for that figure.  Some might say it plays the biggest part of it. 

Even with the overwhelming statistical data some people might ignore the toll soda can take on their health. 

Linda Corona, a Sacramento resident and soda drinker, says that on average she consumes about two sodas each day. While that may be a lot for some people, she considers it an improvement. 

“Before, I would drink up to five sodas a day,” says Corona. 

“I am not addicted to soda, and quitting would be easy,” says Corona. “It wouldn’t be like quitting coffee. Now that would be hard.”

The long-term effects of soda on the residents of Sacramento is obvious.  Isn’t it time to really do something about it?