School on lockdown

School on lockdown

Recently, a lockdown drill was scheduled for Hiram Johnson High School during 3rd period, but was cancelled due to the bells malfunctioning. While this may have only been a drill,  if it would have been an intruder on campus, authorities wouldn’t have been able to warn anyone.

This comes weeks after Hiram Johnson’s Principal, Felisberto Cedros, was asked what he was doing to keep the school safe.  At the time, Cedros said that the campus was using “Quarterly information and training to staff and faculty members” to keep students and staff safe. Peter Vidovich, a Hiram Johnson teacher, says that training hasn’t taken place.

“Nothing at all.” Vidovich told this reporter when asked how much safety training he had received to date. “We haven’t been in anything.”

Kimberly Kim, an English teacher at Hiram Johnson says she was expecting the drill but it never happened.

“An announcement was made over the PA system during 3rd period explaining that they needed to cancel the lockdown drill because the bells were not working,” Kim says.

Kim also said that the principal was  planning another lockdown drill in the near future.

“He’s  planning another drill for next week,” said Kim. “I would like for them to continue practicing school wide safety until the school is safe and prepared.”

Kim also doesn’t recall when the last lockdown drill was.

“At least a couple a years ago,” Kim recalled.  “After I read the Sacramento County Breeze, I was concerned because schools like C.K McClatchy are instituting more measures than we are.”

Kim also talked about the email Superintendent Jonathan Raymond sent teachers asking them to keep their doors locked.

“Since the tragedies that happened last year,  I haven’t seen any major changes at Hiram Johnson,” Kim said. “Most teachers aren’t complying with the lock door policy. Today for example it was really stuffy and warm in my classroom and the district hasn’t turned the A/C on yet so I opened my door to get fresh air.”

Teresa Barnett, a Hiram Johnson computer teacher, doesn’t exactly know why she doesn’t lock her door.

“It was kind of a debate and it was never made clear to us at staff meetings, (to lock doors),” says Barnett. “ But I honestly don’t know why. It’s  a bit of an inconvenience, but I wouldn’t say that’s the whole reason.”

But the Superintendent never sent an email telling teachers they could now unlock their doors.

Amber Salcido, a Hiram Johnson junior, doesn’t feel safe.“I feel scared because if something was to happen I wouldn’t be able to find out,” Salcido said.

Salcido would like for the issue to be fixed and for the school to take more measures to ensuring student safety.