By Jessica Ceballos
Hiram Johnson Student, age 17
Jessica Ceballos

Jessica Ceballos

The great philosopher Confucius said long ago that “Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.”  Music for centuries has been a form of entertainment.  Even before that, music was a means to get away, just as reading  allows one to get away from reality. Music helps people cope with their problems.  In every school, children should be able to have the option of music classes, yet at Hiram Johnson High School, students aren’t provided this option.

Just recently, the music program at Hiram Johnson has had funding cutbacks causing the cancellation of several music programs. All these programs helped children express how they feel and helped them get away from their reality. Most of the students at Hiram Johnson come from low income households, where many don’t know how they will get through their daily problems. Music program help children such as these get away from all of this, music makes them an individual among the many just like them at school.

The students at Hiram Johnson are in more need of a music program than those students at schools such as McClatchy and Kennedy. Johnson students need to have access to that extra activity so they can be more competitive for college. Yet the school board finds it necessary to take Johnson`s music funding, a school that doesn’t have much, and whose students come from families that don’t have much either.

According to the online magazine “Telegraph”,  playing an instrument regularly changes the shape and power of the brain. Using the part of your brain that controls motor skills, hearing, storing audio information and memory actually causes it to grow and become more active. By taking away music at Hiram Johnson, you’re  not only taking away the students method of escape,  but you’re also  taking away something that can improve them as a person physically.

Research also shows that playing an instrument improves organization and time management skills. Hiram Johnson’s students are  in dire need of a sense of responsibility, organization, and a reason to be more active in positive programs at school. All of this comes from playing an instrument. Some might disagree, but the only way to guarantee this change is to get the music program back and running at Hiram Johnson High school.