Leticia Ceballos

Leticia Ceballos

By Lorena Ceballos

Hiram Johnson Student, age 18 

Health Occupation Students of America is a place where students who plan to go into the health field can network with people from all over America. Last year Hiram Johnson High School started a HOSA chapter at the school. They didn’t know then that this would assist the kids with their dream of a future in health. It also prepares future health professionals for life.

HOSA brings together students from elementary to college. It gives students the freedom to express themselves and to pursue things they can’t do at school. It challenges the mind and tests the individual on things they are supposed to learn after they attend medical school. These students learn it all beforehand because they choose to and they desire to be well prepared. This program has changed many lives throughout our country that is why it is important to Johnson to have a program like this.

State Leadership Conferences all over America put students into competitions that they study for all school year long. Students that win go to the National Leadership Conference and compete against the best in the nation.

In HOSA, students are taught to be leaders. In order to be a good leader they have to be a good follower. This is a way that they build character. This program has taught many that in order succeed you have to work and reach for the stars.

HOSA says “Early is on time; On time is late; and late is  NEVER accepted.”  This is the future of the health field because is has what people never expect in the youth of today and that is the passion to help other and to do what they love.