Confiscated hats

By Anna Le

A long standing rule at Hiram Johnson High School in Sacramento doesn’t go over well with a lot of students; No hats allowed.

“A lot of students assume that hats aren’t allowed on campus because it’s gang related,” says Hiram Johnson High School Family Advocate Beverly Harvey. But that’s not the case.

“It’s a safety hazard because there could be a  student who wears a Raiders hat, and since not everyone likes the Raiders that can create a conflict.”

In the student handbook, a rule states that hats are not allowed on campus.

Darryl with Campus Security said that “There are students who go into the bathroom and use that as an excuse to wear their hats because they were “washing their hands” and had nowhere to put the hat.”

Every student reacts differently to getting their hats confiscated, but when a student refuses to give up their hat, they’re sent to the Vice Principal and he will give them an after school detention. In order to get their hats back, students have to have their parents come and get it for them.

Towards the end of the school year, or if a student is constantly getting their hats confiscated, the Vice Principal has the right to hold onto the hat until the end of the year.

Anthony Smart, a sophomore at HJHS was aggravated when he got his hat taken away because he didn’t think that it was fair.

According to Darryl, not many hats have been taken this school year, so far.