Mr. Bruggeman HJHS teacher

Mr. Bruggeman a HJHS teacher

By Victoria Rosenberg

Scott Bruggeman, a history teacher at Hiram Johnson High School, moved here in 1998. Soon after moving to Sacramento, he found out this school was hiring and eventually became a well known history teacher. When Mr. Bruggeman was asked why he decided to work at  Hiram Johnson he answered, “The kids here are the best!” Is he just a teacher or is he also a normal guy?

Everyone on campus can see that Mr. Bruggeman is bald, but many might be surprised to learn that last year he was diagnosed with skin cancer. The cause of his cancer was from too much exposure to sunlight, or as Mr. Bruggeman said, “in other words being bald.”

The cancer pushed him to get his health back together, which allowed him to lose 84.9 pounds in the past year. When diagnosed with skin cancer, Mr. Bruggeman started wearing more hats.

“It makes you think of the big questions,” says Mr. Bruggeman, when talking about his diagnosis. “What is life, what’s my legacy, if I were to die tomorrow how would I be remembered?”

When asked his opinion on these three questions, he answered with a quote from Socrates, the Greek philosopher.

“The more you know the less you know.”

Mr. Bruggeman is also a husband and father. His oldest daughter Cecily is 5-years-old and her sister, Casey, is three. He has a Welsh Corgi named Bodie, which he walks every morning before school. He is not only working hard for himself, but his family also.

On his free time away from work and family, Mr. Bruggeman plays golf and both acoustic and electric guitar. While in high school, Mr. Bruggeman always loved history, but P.E was his favorite. Something no one knows about him is that he is a Gemini and his birthday usually falls around the last day of school.

“My birthday present is 10 weeks off every year,” Mr. Bruggeman says.