Teenagers use teamwork to clean up a small pond at a previous ‘Creek Week’ site.

Walking around Sacramento is an activity that many people find very enjoyable. However, the quality of a fun and calming walk or jog around the area can be lessened by the sight of trash on the side of the road or in a creek bed. With ‘Creek Week’ right around the corner, many debris will be removed by thousands of determined volunteers.

Saturday, April 13th, is a day dedicated to the cleansing of creeks all around the area. Anyone can participate, whether you are a middle school student looking for some community service hours, or just an adult looking to do a big part in increasing the quality of Sacramento’s creeks and waterways.

“I try to get my girls involved at least once a year,” said Kimberly Hanks, the leader of Girl Scout troop 1313. “They enjoy it a whole lot and it helps out the environment a lot.”. Hanks’ troop has been helping out with Creek Week for the last three years and hopes to continue for a long time.


Sometimes cleaning up requires getting your feet a little wet.

According to creekweek.com, Creek Week 2012 motivated volunteers to remove nearly 15 tons of garbage from creeks throughout Sacramento. Not only that, but 115 cubic yards of intrusive plants were removed to make way for new plant growth. Over 100 children and adults visited designated sites hosted by scientists and long-time volunteers providing information about the city’s waterways and more.

Last year, 2,000 people participated in Creek Week. The day benefitted not only the quality of the waterways in our community, but also all of the children who gained knowledge about how to keep our surroundings clean. Hopefully, Creek Week 2013 will match that and then some.

The website dedicated to Creek Week displays all sorts of information about creeks, eco-friendly tips, and even grants. You can visit, here.

Photos from flickr.com.