Empty desk

Empty school desk

With all the technological advances available to us today, such as smartphones, smart cars, aerial drones, and so on, what are schools doing for their students to make up missing work easier?

Missing school is never something good to do because it causes students to fall behind on valuable lessons  that are difficult to make up. But what about when it’s unavoidable, like when you come down with the flu or experience a family emergency?

I recently missed six days of school because I had the flu; that is 3% percent of the entire school year. When I went back to school, it was all the work waiting for me that became an issue.

Nearly everything is web based in our generation; we don’t mail letters to each other we text, doctor appointments can be made online, news is read online. A study on sciencedaily.com shows that 77.4% of people between the ages of 16 to 30 use social networks to stay informed, only 28.8% of the entire population reads newspapers.

With all the advancements in technology why doesn’t the Sacramento City Unified School District create a website where teachers can post all the homework for students who miss class? Emergencies are inevitable, and coming back to school and having six days worth of work makes it hard to catch up. I believe that’s why kids tend to fall behind sometimes, and it could even lead to dropping out.

Dosomething.org talks about the background of high school dropouts and one of the reasons they mention is high absenteeism.

Isai Gonzalez is an Oak Park resident who used to miss school for weeks at a time because he was constantly sick.

“It wasn’t too difficult to get back on track however it would have been very convenient to have my assignments online so that I wouldn’t waste time at school trying to figure out what the teacher is talking about, ” said Gonzalez.

Making this sort of website would help students stay in school and keep up with their work, both in the short term and long term.