On March 22nd, 2013 Kit Carson Middle School held their 5th annual Multicultural day festival. I had the privilege of being a guest speaker at this event, but I think the real gift was witnessing the kids being exposed to so many different cultures. Most of the kids were about twelve or thirteen, and at this age they are still very impressionable thus this exposure is extremely beneficial to their growing experiences. With this festival the Kit Carson Staff has encouraged the students to embrace diversity.Kit Carson

The event began took off with all the students gathering into the gym, with the Kit Carson Alumni sitting adjacent to the students. Many students participated in the event themselves. Some came out and lead the pledge of allegiance, one even came out and sang the most flawless version of the Star Spangled Banner I have ever heard, many students participated in a kadoma tournament, and others were assigned to the alumni to escort them around campus. Once they all gathered and played their fair share the students sat down and watched guest dancing performances. These performances varied from traditional African dances, to modern hip hop culture dancing.

Sitting with the alumni or on the sidelines one could see the students so engaged in the event, so fascinated by the cultures. Even at their ages they were mature enough to see these different dances as exciting and amazing. Even in high school this can be a difficult task.

After the performances, the Kit Carson alumni sang the Kit Carson Song. This is a song that the students and even most of the staff didn’t know existed.  This song was created in the early 1930’s and hearing it sung out loud, and to see the students faces as they tried to catch on to the words, was something I will never forget. In just one small gym, over three hundred kids were exposed to many different cultures, many different time eras, and over all a chance to accept who they are and express it in many pay.

Whether it be through words, dance or kadomas, the Kit Carson students will achieve and be who they wish to become.