Since the decision was made to close Mark Hopkins Elementary , the Sacramento City Unified School District Board of Trustees has considered the best school with available capacity to receive transfer students. Although both John Sloat and John Bidwell Elementary Schools are located in the same area of Mark Hopkins, it has been proposed that Rosa Parks Middle School be the designated home school.  Rosa Parks  has available capacity and is located right in front of  Mark Hopkins Elementary School.

Map of area where Rosa Parks and Mark Hopkins  located

Map of area where Rosa Parks and Mark Hopkins located

Most parents like this because their children are still close to home.

“I have a child going into middle school next year and another going to fourth grade,” said Monique Richards, Mark Hopkins parent. “A K-8 school would be perfect. I can drop both of them off and they could even walk to and from school together.”

Other parents may support the idea but not for their child.

“It’s a good idea,” said Janice Thomas, Mark Hopkins parent. “I just don’t feel its a good fit for my daughter. She’s not ready to be around the older kids.”

Rosa Parks currently has 19 classrooms that are not used which would hold classes for the elementary students.

The board meeting packet states,”To accomplish the conversion of the Rosa Parks site to a K-8 school, it is proposed to relocate and or replace play equipment nearer the Rosa Parks site and to make minor modifications to existing bathrooms (smaller toilets and facilities for younger children). Crossing guards are proposed to be available at the site to assist younger students in safe crossing of streets near the school site.”

“Rosa Parks is already a priority school and engaged in an improvement plan,” said Leo Bennett-Cauchon, a parent and advocate for community schools. “It needs to be given a longer chance since consistency is often is crucial to improvement.”

If the board does not approve the the decision, Mark Hopkins students would have to go to John Sloat or John Bidwell.  

Some parents may not be able to get their students into Sloat or Bidwell due to high enrollment.

“Some parents are really counting on this to be approved,” said Joseph Cole, a sibling of Rosa Parks and Mark Hopkins student.

The board will decide on whether or not to approve the plan on April 4th.