How long will you live?

Students in Key Clubs throughout the Sacramento area have done a lot in educating their peers.

Wednesday, March 20th marked a very important day for the Campaign for the Tobacco Free Kids association, as well as anyone who supports being drug free. ‘Kick Butts Day’ is a day dedicated to raise awareness of the dangers of tobacco and encourage citizens as well as officials to take action against the tobacco industry. In the Sacramento area, the day proved that the motivated teens of America can step up for what they think is right.

Since 1996, ‘Kick Butts Day’ has inspired activism and pushed for change in communities ravaged by the products of the tobacco industry. They work hard not only on ‘Kick Butts Day’, but everyday. They push for prevention of tobacco use by youths, the reduction of secondhand smoke, and support of current tobacco users in quitting their dangerous addiction.

According to, over one thousand kids will turn into habitual smokers today. Approximately 350 of these children will ultimately die prematurely because of their addiction.Shockingly, tobacco causes the premature death of more American citizens than AIDS, alcohol, car accidents, illegal drugs, murders, and suicides combined.

“I think Kick Butts Day is a great way to get teens to realize just how bad cigarettes are,” said an anonymous Sacramento teenager and former tobacco user. “A lot of them just don’t see that it’s not as ‘cool’ as they think it is until it’s too late.”

Teachers and health advocates aren’t the only ones trying to make a difference. Anyone can support Kick Butts Day, whether their contribution is as great as organizing and event at their school, or simply making posters illustrating the struggles and dangers of dealing with cigarette addiction. Students in Key Clubs throughout the Sacramento area have done a lot in educating their peers.

The main goal of ‘Kick Butts Day’ and its supporters is to create a future unclouded by cigarette smoke and the death toll that it brings with it. With thousands of youth standing up, speaking out, and seizing control, today may be the largest and most beneficial ‘Kick Butts Day’ in history.

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