A Sacramento bike lane

A Sacramento bike lane

The Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates, better known as SABA, is making Sacramento into a cycling capital. With the mission to make more and safer trips by bike a reality, SABA is improving bikeways and increasing cycling education. According to the League of American Bicyclists, Folsom and Sacramento are labeled silver level Bicycle Friendly Communities.


SABA Valet bike parking

The league was founded in 1880 under the name “League of American Wheelmen”. Today the league has an estimated membership of 300,000 united cyclists, including 25,000 individuals and 700 allied organizations. SABA has an award winning valet bike parking service. The service gives cyclists the ability to attend community events without the need to worry about the security of their bike. SABA has many ways to raise funds in order  to continue their work and services.LAB_Evolution


In 2011, to celebrate their 20th anniversary, SABA hosted the Velo Ball. “By raising money at this event to support our organization’s work,” said SABA Executive Director Jim Brown.  “We can keep focusing our energy on advocating on behalf of anyone who wants to ride a bike to get where they want to go. SABA makes sure the needs of bike-riders are heard and respected. We want more people to make more and safer trips by bike more often”. All people are welcomed to attend the Velo Ball, as well as businesses and organizations. Item donations are also welcomed for auction. SABA also welcomes volunteers to help put on the event in exchange for free admission.Velo-Ball_Facebook-04


SABA shares information about needs, opportunities and resources with people who care about this mission, including individual citizens, the media, elected officials and public employees, employers, property owners, and advocates in allied organizations.

For more information about SABA, The Velo Ball or the League of American Bicyclists please check the links below.


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