62334_549036811782964_2022580161_nThey say the third times the charm, right? As always it is a pleasure to be able to reintroduce myself to the program and our readers once again. My name is Charles Chenault and I am a senior at Natomas High School and a resident in the South Natomas area in Sacramento Council District 1.

When I first became a Neighborhood News Correspondent I felt it was my duty to report on things in my neighborhood, good and bad. This time around I plan to keep that same perspective and add to it. A few of the things I would love to focus more on nonprofits and the many events they hold in the community. Here in Sacramento we have an abundance of nonprofits focused around interest groups such as youth and different cultures. I want to make it my duty to get them recognized, so that you the visitor can take advantage of the resources they have to offer.d49ebe9839e841a6801274dc99db06d9_s

Drucker-with-glasses.gif“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said,” said Peter Drucker, a famous educator and author. With that said, I would like to report on things that are not being talked about in the newspaper, or issues that are often swept under the rug such as education, funding for youth programs and community libraries and community centers. Being a Neighborhood News Correspondent has given me the ability to tell stories my story, thoughts and ideas through New Media based journalism.

In conclusion I hope you will enjoy, relate to or learn from my articles, and feel free to give me your input and feedback, as it is highly appreciated. If there is something going on in the community you would like me to blog about feel free to contact me via email at mrcharleschenault@gmail.com.