A writer by nature

My name is Leticia Ceballos, and I am a Senior at Hiram Johnson High School. I am eighteen years old, born and raised in Sacramento, and I have to say I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love everything about Sacramento, both good, and not so good. After all no one place is perfect, and yet as a whole we flow peacefully. I am very excited to be a Neighborhood New Correspondent for AccessLocal.TV, because now not only do I get to know even more aspects about Sacramento, I get to share it with readers like you. Writing is something I was made to do.If nothing else, life has set me on a path for success; no detours. I know exactly what I want, and by any means I will get there. But to make this a little easier for me, I do whatever I can to help life along the way. I try to keep myself busy and productive. I play basketball, soccer and golf. This pretty much keeps me busy all year long, but I think that is exactly why I love playing sports so much. I love the leadership and teamwork skills one can consume. Unfortunately playing sports doesn’t take all day, so with my free time I find myself writing. Each of my words serves as a piece of me. This is why this job is ideal for me, I’m a writer by nature, and more than anything I am determined to see the beauty in this our world that can sometimes seem so bleak.

As high school graduation approaches I have the world in front of me, and I couldn’t be more excited! The world has just been so inviting, so naturally I can’t wait to truly feel its warm embrace. After high school I intend to go to college as a sociology major, and eventually go to law school. Justice is something I am very passionate about, and I pride myself on being an advocate for those unable to advocate for themselves, which is why being a lawyer won’t be just a career for me, more like a calling. I believe my positive outlook on life, and people in general which has allowed me to see the bright side of things. Life is beautiful, Sacramento is beautiful, and there are amazing things happening everyday. Sometimes it just takes a second look to truly see the beauty. Even in the darkest times, my light is never gone.

When asked to describe me in one word, a close friend of mine Karina Madrigal quickly responded, “Ambitious”.

I was always told to shoot for the moon, because even if I missed I will touch the stars, but even then neither my journey nor success will be over.