Hello again,  AccessLocal.tv readers. My name is Brianna Taylor, and I am a returning Neighborhood News Correspondent. I am 20 year old student at Cosumnes River College, majoring in communications. You can almost always catch me with my face in some kind of laptop or smartphone, talking to someone, or just listening to what people are talking about.2013-03-04 13.55.19

I decided to continue with AccessLocal.tv because I love to write about the things in Sacramento we are not aware of, especially the positive things. I really enjoy writing and making videos about the various non-profit organizations, events, and other great things happening in our city. I also enjoy writing about the newsworthy topics such as school board meetings, problems at school, public transportation and many other topics. At first, videos weren’t my strength but I continue to create videos in order to tell a story in a different way.

As a new Neighborhood News Correspondent, I struggled with finding new ideas every week to write or make videos about. I tried to pick interesting and informing topics to shed light on the many things going on.  It was difficult contacting people and talking to strangers. Now that I am more seasoned, I look forward to talking to people and writing about the large array of topics.

I devoted a lot of my energy on schools, mostly in the South Sacramento area. I really enjoy writing about problems or things a school may be lacking as well as the positive programs, services and opportunities provided. I love when I get to speak with staff and students about  changes that should be made or services that they would like to continue.

This time around, my goals are to continue to write stories about the things in this city that are important to young people and the issues that affect us all. My mother always told me, “A closed mouth doesn’t get fed.”  I plan to open my mouth and use my words so that I can possibly feed others with information.