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***Encore of “GhostRush & The Sac Center” will re-air on Wednesday, March 13th at 5pm.

“GhostRush 2013 & The Sac Center”


Livewire is happy to welcome back guests from American Paranormal Investigations and The Sacramento Gay & Lesbian Center. Both of these organizations are having some fun with their fundraising this year.

First, we’ll meet the new President of American Paranormal Investigations, Teresa Roberts. She’ll be on the show along with teammate and Board Member, Roger Merrett. They will be talking about their upcoming fundraising event “Ghostrush 2013”. The event will feature paranormal discussions and lessons in an intimate setting at the Sierra Nevada House in Historic Coloma, Ca. on Saturday, April 6th. There will be a guided nighttime investigation to follow, too. Don’t forget to bring your flashlight!


To learn more about American Paranormal Investigations and“Ghostrush 2013” log on to www.AP-Investigations.com


We are also excited to welcome back guests from The Center, Sacramento’s LGBT community center. Executive Director, Shara Perkins along with Taryn Thru-U will be on the show to share information about their upcoming events. There’s a ton of helpful meetings and activities provided by The Center. Tune in to find out more!


For more details about The Center please visit http://saccenter.org



**Encore Presentation of “ConQuest Sac & Vegetarian Cooking for Carnivores” will re-air on Wednesday, March 20th at 5pm.


“ConQuest Sacramento & Vegetarian Cooking for Carnivores”


Where can you recreate a Civil war battle right alongside a battle from Star Wars? At ConQuest, of course. Mike O’Brien from the Sacramento Miniature Wargaming Society will be returning to LiveWire to tell us about ConQuest Sacramento. It is a miniature wargaming convention that takes place April 5 through 7th at The New Red Lion Woodlake Conference Center in Sacramento. (The gaming is miniature; the conference is not :P) Themes of games range from historical to fantasy. Looking at these tiny, but impressive armies can be worth a visit, even if you’re not a game player. Tune in to watch Mike teach Ray how to play in this fantastic miniature world.


For more information about ConQuest Sacramento 2013 please log on to www.ConQuestSac.com



Bonnie Antonini also joins us to teach us how to make beer & sausage slider. Yum! She has her show called “Vegetarian Cooking for Carnivores”and she shares her vegetarian friendly meals and treats with the world. Her Sausage sliders are simple and quick to make and very satisfying. Tune to learn more about them and other delectable eats.


For more recipes from Bonnie and “Vegetarian Cooking for Carnivores” visit http://VegetarianCookingForCarnivores.wordpress.com


LiveWire returns with LIVE show on Wednesday, March 27that 5pm.