marioHi, my name is Mario Ayala and I’m 16 years old. I attend Hiram Johnson High School and I am currently a Junior. I was born in Sacramento and raised in Oak Park, and I am proud of my hometown and my neighborhood.

I like to write articles on just about any subject, but recently I’ve begun to like writing stories about school related issues such as students and school safety. I have always been a leader, ever since I can remember people have looked up to me and followed me. I am very ambitious and independent and never accept failure in my life.

My goals in life are to attend a university, become a dentist and to also study journalism. I have a passion for writing and love to write about anything. My hobbies include football and soccer, I’ve liked football ever since I was young. I also play the bass in a band and love music. It helps me out in life a lot and has helped me to understand many things. Music helps me connect with other people who also cherish music the way I do.

I applied to become a Neighborhood News Correspondent for because I love to write controversial stories that tell both sides of the story and let other people know things which other people try to hide. When I heard about this opportunity I could not wait for the school day to end so I could apply. I actually did not wait that long and I applied during my 6th period class because it just seemed so interesting. I hope that I can continue to learn about more ways to improve my writing and also give our readers both high good quality and interesting stories.