What is State of the City? What is Sacramento Next?

State of the City is an event that is held for all the people by the Mayor of Sacramento. Unlike past years, this year the State of the City was held in the evening, thus giving the working class the ability to attend. The event was free; all that was asked for was each attendee to bring a can of food to donate.

The master of ceremonies for this event was Mark S Allen, a TV producer and host of “Mark at the Movies”. Kicking off the festivities was a performance by the Preschool hip-hop dancers followed up by a prayer by Bishop Parnell Lovelace Jr, and the national anthem sung by Jackie Greene, a California Native, famous singer/ songwriter and musician.

Finally, Mayor Kevin Johnson took the stage and began to give his address. Mayor Johnson spoke about four main things that Sacramento is focusing on. First, Johnson said “2013 is the year of food and we will promote local agriculture.” Second, the mayor said that we will do something about education and making our 3rd graders proficient in reading literacy. “60% of Children that are problem learners have problems seeing,” said Johnson. Third was innovation and entrepreneurship.

Last and by no means least was the topic Sacramentians have been discussing since last year, the Kings. Are they staying? Are they going? Last night, Mayor Kevin Johnson assured the people of Sacramento that he has got a plan to keep the kings and a bid proposal to back it up. The Kings are being backed by the city, 20 local investors expected to offer 1 million dollars each, and two larger investors who can buy the team and build a new arena.

By Charles Chenault