By Lauren Vincent

Sacramento is a city made up of hundreds of different types of people, places and things. Each and every person or place is special to the community that it is made up of. One of these diverse communities of Sacramento is its LGBT community, or the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

The Sacramento Gay & Lesbian Center is an organization that is dedicated to serving the lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual community of Sacramento and all of the counties surrounding. The Sacramento Gay & Lesbian Center provides several programs, advocacy and cultural activities to spread community awareness in a safe and compassionate environment. The hopes of this center is to provide services that will support, strengthen and expand this diverse community while continuing to expand community involvement.

One of the programs of the The Sacramento Gay & Lesbian Center is Sacramento Rainbow Families. This program is designed to provide opportunities for LGBT parents and their children. This is so that all of the parents and children can connect to other families that share similar family structures in a safe and fun environment. The Rainbow Families program is also used as a resource for family support. Each and every month there are planned activities for members of the program to enjoy such as monthly infant-toddler play groups, family-focused play date events and workshops on topics of interest to LGBT-parented families.

Not only does the The Sacramento Gay & Lesbian Center have programs and events for the LGBT community, but the straight community as well. This center wants to enlighten and educate the community on the lifestyles of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender by creating fun events such as the Sacramento Pride Parade. Each year the Sacramento Pride Festival and Parade acts as a time and place where communities of all types can come together for food, crafts, entertainment and fun all in the name of love and acceptance.

For more information on the Sacramento Gay & Lesbian Center or other events in the LGBT community visit http://saccenter.org/ or call (916) 442-0185.