Baby Aubrey and I

Baby Aubrey and I

By Richelle Hadley

To say being a mother is a full-time job is an understatement. Being a mother is a never ending job that requires your complete and full attention every second of the day. This is something that all mothers and parents go through, but most of them wait until after they have finished college to begin this step in life.

While walking around on the campus of Sacramento State University, you will notice young women who are very pregnant, waddling from class to class, or other girls pushing strollers or holding a toddler’s hand. All of these mom’s are going the extra mile to go to school to better their education so that they can be better providers. These mothers are not only being extremely intelligent for continuing on with their educational dreams, but they are extremely brave. It may be easy for some people to judge what a young pregnant girl’s situation is or for others to look down at that, but those people do not realize what a teen mom’s life is really like.

To be considered a full time college student one must be enrolled in 15 credits, or typically 5 classes per semester. That means that this student would be spending about 20 hours a week in class, not to mention the extra hours put in to homework, projects, papers and studying. A full time college student is looked at as a person having a full time job, so for the young women who are young mothers now have two full time jobs.

“I think that the young girls who come to class when they are pregnant deserve all the respect in the world,” states CSUS student, Leslie Dittmann. “Most of the time you hear the girls say they are embarrassed to be so big around all the other college girls, but in all reality they should feel amazing about the effort they are putting in for something that can be so easily quit, such as school.”

A young, new mother wants nothing more than to be at home with her child as much as possible. They have to worry over their baby’s sleeping, eating, movements and even breathing because of now small and fragile a newborn baby is. School and work can easily become hard to concentrate on and forgotten about, but the stresses of taking care of someone else’s life are nothing in comparison to the joy of knowing that if the teen mom can make it through the hard times now, the future of her and her child will be the best it could be.