By Eliyas Yang

The Hiram W. Johnson High School’s Smoke Signal is Johnson’s High school newspaper. The Smoke Signal operates very similarly to how a real newspaper business behaves.

However, there are minor differences between a real newspaper business and the Smoke Signal.

A newspaper business operates throughout the whole year, while the Smoke Signal only operates during the school year.

The Smoke Signal’s staffs are normally consisted with an adviser  or the supervising adult, a student editor, photographers, managing editors, design editors, copy editors, and staff writers.

The Smoke Signal Staff of 2011-2012

To create the newspaper, the student editor assigns, approves or denies story ideas of the writer. Story ideas can originate from a variety of things, such as events occurring within the school, a community, city, state, across the nation, or worldwide, or from an interest in a particular subject or topic. The writer’s job is to go out and gather information and also interview people that are important and essential to finishing a story.

Being a part of the Smoke Signal, staff members are expected to treat their role responsibly.  If there is a lack of communication, the school’s newspaper is delayed.

This is especially true for staff writers. Staff writers play an important role, such as the other members of the newspaper team. However, if there is no story there is no editing, designing, or copy editing to be done.

In the Smoke Signal, or maybe even in a real newspaper business the Editor in Chief plays an important role.

However, for the Smoke Signal editor their job is not easy.

It is a very time consuming job, also, periodically it is a hectic and extremely stressful job. The editor is always working with the rest of the staff by helping writers out by giving them suggestions on where to improve; giving resources; helping the photographers take pictures; helping designing the pages if needed to, and edits all content before sending it off to print or publish online.

“While its tedious and hard work to be able to produce a newspaper, in print or online, it is worth it every step of the way” says Editor in Chief, Eliyas Yang. “Being a part of the newspaper staff, it equips you with more than just journalistic knowledge, but with skills you will be able to use later on in life after high school.”

Creating a high school newspaper is a job that pays you with experience.