By James Hoang

For students in the Sacramento City Unified School District, finals were just one week ago. Around finals, a lot of students may have felt stressed out after staying up late studying.

It seems a lot of students these days are stressed, as signs of stress are appearing more than ever in teenagers’ heads.

“I try really hard not to stress, but I guess it shows that I am,” says SCUSD student with gray hairs on their head who wishes to remain anonymous.

Occasionally, gray hair represents a sign of stress.  However, some students who are young may express gray because of their genetics.

Stress is very unhealthy, as it puts your health at risk. According to an article by Mayo Clinic, “Stress management,” stress can led to obesity, depression, and drier skin.

There are many ways to relieve stress.  For one, according to Yahoo’s “Three tips to cut your stress every day,” exercising can help you combat stress and anxiety.

“I stress because I worry about the future too much,” says high school student Lillian Safar.

When you’re stressed try taking a deep breathe to relieve stress- it works.

“Yeah I can testify that deep breathing works,” says David Johnson. “Close your eyes, and breathe in from your nose for 3 seconds and then exhale slowly. It feels great afterwards, so try it.”

According to WebMD’s article, “Stress Management Health Center,” studies demonstrate that controlled breathing reduces stress hormones, which will make you much happier for the rest of the day.

Listening to music may also help you release stress, as it works wonders for other students.

“When I’m stressed, I like to listen to music,” says high school student Anna Cruz. “For me, music just takes away everything. When I l listen to music, I’ totally ignore everything around me. It feels like the burdens on your shoulders are lifted away.”

So when next time you are stressed, remember to take a deep breath, plug in your headphones and go for a walk.