By Catherine Chenault

3609327612_0d861b24b9The death penalty is one of the most talked about and controversial issues in the United States. Many Americans argue as to whether it should be a legal form of punishment in the U.S. Although there are many reasons to keep it, abolishing the death penalty would have three major factors that would benefit the United States. These three factors include eliminating the killing of wrongly convicted people, lowering the price taxpayers pay to punish killers, and to transform the world’s opinion of the United States because they still use the death penalty as a punishment.

Cost is probably the most important factor in putting an end to the death penalty, it is no secret that the United States has accumulated much debt over the time of its existence so they could definitely use any form of financial relief. It costs the U.S. two to five times more money to implement the death penalty rather than to use lifetime imprisonment as a punishment for killers.  Much of this excess cost is often related to the many appeals and additional procedures a person is allowed after being sentenced to death. One death penalty case can cost anywhere from one to three million dollars or as high as seven million dollars. That is one high price to pay for one person and at the end of the day it all falls on the backs of U.S. taxpayers.

The next most important factor would be the wrongful killing of innocent people. Since 1970, seventy-six people in the United States have been released from death row after evidence proved their innocence. But twenty-three innocent people have been put to death through this system of punishment. While one number is significantly higher than the other, the latter number shouldn’t exist at all. The only way for the United States to be one hundred percent sure that innocent people aren’t being killed is to eliminate the death penalty altogether, there is absolutely no other way.

Finally, the death penalty puts a negative stigma on the United States image; many other countries view them as vengeful because they still use the death penalty. With the U.S. being so dependent on foreign markets poor image can have a dangerous effect on American business. The death penalty is seen as a barbaric revenge tactic that can deter the advancement of American society. It is basically holding the United States from moving forward, in the way they think, with the rest of the world.

In short getting rid of the death penalty could be the greatest move for the United States right now. It could benefit them financially, morally, and image wise, all being areas that America could use help in. The United States really needs to wake up and take out the trash that is the death penalty, because it’s stinking up their country!

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