On Saturday, Feb 2nd, GABY hosted its annual convening at City Hall in Sacramento. GABY is a grants advisory board for youth, and its board members learn grant writing and grant reviewing skills. The purpose of the GABY convening is for the grantees to not only present their projects but to also network with other grantees to hopefully build partnerships.photo 2


The convening kicked off at 10 a.m. sharp with the registration and nametag tables surrounded by grantees and their advisors. Following the icebreakers, everyone made their way to New City Hall Council chambers where they received an introduction and were welcomed to the event.


photo 1Matt, a GABY board and Jesuit high school student, introduced the keynote speaker Kevin Bracey. Bracey is a motivational speaker better known as your coach to greatness. Bracey delivered a speech teaching his formula for greatness (Your Character Today + Your GREATNESS Today = Your Success Today and In The Future!), and the places to apply this formula is known as the H.E. 3C.C.C. 1. at HOME, 2. in their EDUCATION, 3. on CAMPUS, 4. in their extra CURRICULARS and 5. in their COMMUNITY.

After the speech, the blue and green teams headed to the Old City Hall Council chambers to do presentations while the orange and red teams head off to lunch until it was their turn to present.

“My favorite project was 4 H on the wild side” says Frankie, the GABY board president. “They’re taking elementary school kids camping who potentially wouldn’t have the chance to go camping and educating them in environmental science.”

Subsequent to the presentations and lunch everyone met back in the Council chambers for closing. In closing Jovi Radtke performed 2 of her inspirational poems. Radtke is a spoken word poet from Texas, and her poems were about finding comfort in music, kindness and self-identity.

GABY impacts the community by giving youth an outlet to create projects that will benefit our community. For more information about GABY and the speakers please check out the links below.


Kevin Bracey

Jovi Radtke