The group showed Extreme Adrenaline the beauty of nature.

By Desiree Dunbar, age 16

Extreme Adrenaline member

Snow. Deer tracks. Frozen ponds. The signs of winter for Extreme Adrenaline means new adventures.

Extreme Adrenaline is an all-girl youth group that goes on adventures ranging from visiting amusement parks, to spelunking, to zip-lining a hundred feet above the ground.

This past winter, the group decided to go camping. However, this was no ordinary camping trip; Extreme Adrenaline went camping at Harmony Ridge in Nevada City, where the weekend’s high was 14 degrees Fahrenheit. On a Friday night, the group packed up their bags in Sacramento and headed out. One hour later, the group arrived in a campsite where snow had already begun covering the ground. The feel of the snow on their skin was unlike anything they had ever felt, like cold kisses falling on their arms. The snowflakes on their eyelashes were like something out of a fairy tale with a happy ending.

The group was quickly knocked from their story-like daze by the cold wind that accompanied the snow. It bit into their hands, and their leader, Kimberly Hanks, couldn’t unlock the door to the cabin fast enough. After unloading all of the supplies and clothes needed to get through the weekend, the all-girl group checked out the teen rec-room that was only a few feet away from their cabin.

A couple of hours of fooz ball and ping-pong went by before it was finally time to relax…at least, for the night.

The following morning, the group was put to work hiking through the snow. Even when their legs felt tired and backs ached, breakfast was made and cleaned up. No one knew what to expect next.  A jog through the snow excited some while disappointing others. By the end of the day, there was no patch of land left unexplored and now frozen lake left un-cracked.

By the end of the trip, every girl realized that camping wasn’t nearly as easy as they had previously thought. Hopefully, Extreme Adrenaline will have outings like these for years to come.