imagesArt and technology are two subjects of this world that are always growing and changing, no matter how much time goes by. Not only is it important to see and appreciate these two worlds, but it is also important to learn from them as well. Sol Collective is a community based partnership that dedicates themselves to using art, education and technology as a way to teach the community how to create mobilization and  \community empowerment.

Sol Collective is made up of a team of educators. Each staff member has some type of teaching experience from working in a kindergarten to educate young men and women in universities. This organization has made the ideal institution to hold community-wide education.

Not only is their team fully staffed to serve the community, but their facility is as well. After a fire in 2008, the Sol Collective Arts, Culture and Education center became a 3,200 square foot space for the community. This building hosts art exhibitions, multimedia workshops, apprentice programs and community forums. This space also provides an environment for youth development.

In 2006, Sol Collective started a group called the Sacramento Activist School. This group meets monthly to unite the Sacramento area thinkers of all generations and ages to discuss social justice and community organizing. Quite often, the Sacramento Activist School will host film screenings, community discussions and lectures from local professors for members and the community to attend and join.

Our society has been discovering the benefits of recycling our trash and recycling has become a worldwide movement. Another program started through this organization is called Recycled Sol. This project is used as a creative entrepreneurial project that will teach youth the fundamentals of design, marketing and sales. The youth members are taught these skills while also taught about social justice and environmentalism.

Since music has been a way of expression for as long as man can remember, music can often be looked at as an audio documentation of our culture. The Global Hood Music Series works to provide a stage for artists who hope to combine their cultural traditions with modern music styles and technology. Artists all around the world are coming together to share their cultures and fusing them together to keep up with the continuous change of the world.

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