The band enjoys the large crowd and many cheers the received after their performances.

By Karen Barry, age 16

Foothill High School student

Foothill High School’s David Taylor and his band ‘Anonymous’ rocked out in Orangevale California, at The Boardwalk on December 6th and January 10th. This is a small venue that is getting to be very well-known. The Boardwalk is iconic to many musicians such as Ace Frehley (Kiss), Steve Howe, (Yes and Asia) Joan Jett, Asking Alexandria, Chelsea Grin, and Motionless in White, among other famous talents. The Boardwalk has presented musical talents from this decade as well as others.

Members of the video crew came to see, record, and interview the band. During our interview we came to find out that this incredible band had only been together for a little over a month.

“I have been in multiple bands before, and a group of close friends wanted to start a band of our own,” said Taylor. “So we did. We just want to see how far we can go, make it to the top, play in front of crowds of thousands, tour around the world, and have the best equipment we can get.”

This band has much potential and with enough hard work and dedication they could definitely reach the top.

“When I walk onto the stage, I want the audience the feel a sudden burst of energy and power,” Taylor said. That’s exactly what the audience felt at this show. If you love good music, it is recommended to see them and show your support for Foothill High School and all local bands.

Anonymous’ next show is in San Francisco at the DNA Lounge on February 17th, with many more shows after that to come.

Ian Bolger contributed in part to this report.