Finals were one week ago for Sacramento City Unified School District’s students. Around the time of finals, many students were staying late into the night studying and cramming notes in their cheat-sheets to prepare for finals.

There are different categories of students around the time of finals, or at any time of the school year actually.  Those categories consist of students who chose to study, or not to and those students who “couldn’t”.

“I didn’t study, but I got the grade I expected,” says a student who chose not to study, Che Vang.

There were some students who didn’t study, but still managed to pull off a higher score than those who studied.

“Nah didn’t study but I still did well,” says a student, Austin Saechao. “I was too busy playing games. Ha-ha, it’s all good because I even got a higher score than most that did study.”

Students who studied scarified their sleep time in hopes of bettering their test scores, or at least they thought.

Two students studying in the library

Two students studying in the library

“It sucks that there are people who did better than me without studying,” says a student who studied, Tammy Cain. “I stayed up so late studying to get a good score on the final.  I wanted a high score to maintain my borderline grades, but nope. It didn’t happen. There goes my straight A’s for the semester.”

However, for the most part students who did study were satisfied with what they received.

“Yeah I studied, and didn’t get scores I wanted,” says Jenny Vuong. “So what, who cares, I just have to try harder next time, right? It doesn’t matter to me anymore, it’s the past. It’s unhealthy to linger in the past, so I just focus on the future. Regardless of receiving a bad score, I’m still successful.  I gave it my all, and that’s how I count my success.”

Then there were students who couldn’t find the time to study.

“I didn’t study for finals because I had work,” says Jesse Chen. “I had work and I didn’t have days off to prepare for finals. I tried study for an hour or so, but that wasn’t enough. I guess I didn’t want it that bad. I’ll just give up my sleep next time, quit my job and focus on school. ”

At the end of finals, many came to know the revelation of trying harder in school equals better results.