By Sadia Iyyaz

2c13522a3445307e0fe940ccc156a7f2“It is hard to judge someone when you know their story” says Mike Walsh, a motivational speaker. Living in the year 2013, most children of today’s society are not only blessed with an abundance of resources but also cursed with the relentless judging that comes along with this from their peers. Judging someone or something is many times a small unconscious act.

However, many times more than one, society and its members judge others purposefully ignoring the hurt the victim may have already experienced or deals with on a day-to-day basis. People judge others to channel their own hurt towards someone else due to the pain they themselves have experienced.

Bullying has become an increasing problem among our society and too many times society chooses to ignore these issues and move on acting as if nothing is wrong. Why wouldn’t one turn their cheek? It’s what seems to be the easiest solution when one encounters a problem that cannot be solved right away. However, the matter of bullying and constant judging among students and peers is a huge problem in school that should be addressed.

Activities like Breaking Down The Walls, in which students get together and spend a day playing games and learning more about each other and the struggles they face, is only one of many ways teachers and parents can approach the problem of bullying. By raising awareness among students with the participation of teachers communities can help students realize their peers aren’t always as happy or well off as they seem.

Activities like BDTW help break down stereotypes and help students think before they judge someone based on the clothes they wear, who they hang out with, or what they are interested in. Coming together as a community, teachers and parents can help create a comfortable atmosphere for students to express their hurt and emotions and seek help for themselves to relieve the pain of bullying and abuse from others.

“To lead people you have to love people. To save people you have to serve people.”  Says Tavis Smiley a life long humanitarian and founder of the Tavis Smiley Foundation. By simply being open minded and willing one can help their peer from making a rash decision like committing suicide however, this isn’t easy without an effort from communities as wholes. Slowly by addressing these issues society can put a dent in the ever-growing problem of bullying. For more information about breaking down the walls check out the link below.