presents chats and presentations nearly every day. is a free resource that hosts chats and presentations nearly every day.

To many determined teenagers, college is something that weighs heavily on their minds. With parents, teachers, counselors, and other influential people often stressing the importance of getting into college, the whole thing can seem a bit overwhelming. The process of applying for financial aid, getting scholarships, and making all of the important decisions that go along with getting higher education can be very stressful. However, resources are everywhere if you only take the time to look. is a place to make the process easier. Not only does the website have videos and links to places to go to find your dream college, but it also holds live presentations weekly. You can text chat one-on-one with someone representing or enrolled at the college of your dreams, or just tune in to a certain college’s broadcast and see what’s going on. has a log containing information about over 150 colleges, not only in the US, but also in Europe, Canada, and Australia. Some of the Californian colleges listed on the site include UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz, UC San Diego, and much more. hosts programs with many great, reliable organizations, particularly Scholarship America. Scholarship America has distributed more than $2.7 billion in scholarship assistance to more than 1.8 million students over the last 50 years. The organization holds presentations on anything from how to pay for college, to the leading careers in the U.S.

With tons of information and the ability to discuss any needs one-on-one with a representative or a current college student, the site has all of the benefits of a college fair, with the ability to access it from your own home. With 2013 being an age where nearly every teenager has a computer at home, this gives a lot of people a great advantage.

Hopefully, will be providing helpful tips and more for soon-to-be college students for many years to come.