Hiram W. Johnson High School’s wrestling team is determined to become Metro League Champions once again. Johnson’s wrestling team, also known as the Warriors, was Metro League Champions back in 2010.  This year, like every other year, they are determined to reclaim their title.

This wrestling season, the Warriors were undefeated with four wins to zero losses before their match with Rosemont High.

On Tuesday, their winning streak was put to an end win they faced Rosemont High School’s Wolverines. The Wolverines had ended the Warriors winning streak with a three point advantage.

“It’s a gut check,” says the coach of the Warriors, Coach Brown. “We worked too hard to let it slip away like this. We need to work harder!”


Hiram W. Johnson High School’s wrestling team

The next duel after the Wolverines, the Warriors defeated Burbank High School’s Titans.

“We learned from our mistakes,” says Anthony E. Alvarado, a wrestler for Warrior after their duel against the Titans.  “Also, Coach Brown’s speech was a motivator for us to win.”

If the Warriors had won their duel against the Wolverines, they would have secured their title of Metro League Champions with a match history of six wins to zero losses (6W – 0L).

“Honestly, It’s crushing,” says Joshua Garcia, a wrestler for the Warriors.

Not winning their match against the Wolverine’s, Warriors next duel will determine if they become Metro League Champions.

“Tuesday is the last duel and our last chance,” says Anthony E. Alvarado, a wrestler for the Warriors. “We learned from our mistakes.  We’re intensifying our training and our focus.  We are working harder than before. We will win this because we want it.”
The duel that determines everything for the Warriors will be against Panthers at their home territory.
It will take place at the Panther’s school Florin High School in their gymnasium at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday the 29th.