Fresh Producers’ Community Educators is a group of young, health oriented, high school students who advocate their knowledge of staying healthy to the community.

Beginning of the Sacramento School Unified School District’s 2012-2013 school year, Fresh Producers offered their partnered school, Hiram W. Johnson’s Health Medical Services (HMS) pathway students the opportunity of having an internship with their organization.

The Hiram Johnson’s HMS pathway is a Small Learning Community (SLC) focused on health. Students in the HMS pathway gain knowledge of the various careers and opportunity in health, as well as education about health. Generally, students in the HMS’ SLC are passionate about future careers in the healthcare field, making HMS students’ well-suited candidates for the Community Educators position.

Fresh Producers

“I am passionate about being healthy,” says HMS student, Brenda Martinez. “I applied to become a Community Educator because I want to share what I know about health.”

Fresh Producer’s Community Educators consist of various jobs, for example making a lesson plan that focuses on health and then taking it to local elementary and middle schools. With their knowledge from school and some online research, Community Educators are expected to deliver their lesson plan that focuses on health. Overall, Community Educators are to advocate health to kids.

Community Educators lessons plans are directed in many areas of health from, but not limited to, keeping a good hygiene, the importance of exercising and eating a balance diet.

“I will teach hygiene,” says one of the Community Educators, Fey Saechao. “My partner Brenda and I have been working hard on creating a lesson plan for second to fourth graders. I know these students are young, so we’re making the lessons down to the point, and understandable for them.”

After months of preparation, Community Educators are expected in the spring of 2013 to teach at nearby schools.

“It’s set that we will teach at schools in spring,” says community educator, Felicia Vasquez. “We’d planned for so long because we don’t want to give false information, and especially to those young kids in elementary. Also, we have to run our lesson plans so we know what we can improve on. Simply, we take long because we want our lesson plans to be perfect.”

Fresh Producers Community Educators are promoting a healthier life starting at its roots, childhood, educating kids on how to prevent preventable-health problems.