The Asian American Journalists Association welcomes anyone and everyone interested in journalism.

The Asian American Journalists Association welcomes anyone and everyone interested in journalism.

As of 2013, journalism has gone in many different directions. With many printed papers having to make way for the digital world of blogs and news websites, it can be difficult for young people to pursue a career in journalism. However, organizations such as the Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) are giving teenagers in the Sacramento area the opportunity to check out the world of journalism.

One of the most exciting programs that AAJA offers is JCamp. JCamp is specifically for those interested in journalism, photography, and online media. Those participating in JCamp 2013 will be taking an all-expense paid trip to George Washington University in Washington DC.  The trip will take place June 21st to the 26th. Freshman, sophomores, and juniors are encouraged to submit applications by March 15th, 2013. More information on how to apply is in the link below.

“I’ve had two students go and it’s a wonderful opportunity,” says Kelly Wilkerson, an English teacher from the Davis Joint Unified School District. “Two things to know: you do not have to be Asian American to be selected. The other thing is that it’s all expenses paid so this is a particularly great opportunity for those who could never afford an expensive summer program. The emphasis is on networking and building a future career.”

As stated above, the Asian American Journalists Association is in no way limited to only teens with Asian backgrounds. In fact, the organization prides itself on the diverse cultures of its participants. The organization emphasizes working with people who have different viewpoints, and showing strong journalistic ethics.

Some of JCamp’s previous speakers include 60 Minutes’ Ed Bradley and the Pulitzer Prize-winning Reporter Cal Bernstein. As for participants themselves, more than 500 young people have applied and completed the JCamp program, some of which have gone on to pursue careers in journalism and media. The association is entering its twelfth year of existence, and is showing no sign of slowing down. Hopefully, the program will benefit young people for years to come.

If you would like to apply for JCamp 2013 and learn more about the program, you can visit here.