Wind Mills are an effective source of solar energy.

Wind Mills are an effective source of solar energy.

The beginning of a brand new year is something that inspires many things, particularly for organizations. January is a prime time to look back on the achievements of the previous year and make plans for the next one. It’s a wonderful time to say ‘Yes!’ to new ideas, which is exactly what the Yes! Youth Energy Summit plans on doing in 2013.

Although the organization connected to the main website is located in Minnesota, Sacramento has its very own Youth Energy Summit partnered with SMUD, Lodi Electric Utility, and the LegiSchool project at the California State University in Sacramento. This is the organization’s 5th annual Youth Summit.

Last year, high school upperclassmen from all over the Sacramento and Lodi areas sent out applications to participate in events concerning the future of California’s energy.  This January, these applications are coming in handy. On the 25th and 26th of January, SMUD in Sacramento will host an interactive event focusing on this year’s theme: The Business of Going Green.

The two-day seminar will include visiting a variety of government agencies, building solar phone chargers, a chance to ride a Segway, and much more. Nikhil Arora, an entrepreneur, will be giving a speech concerning his experience participating in an industry that uses recycled materials to grow mushrooms. He hopes to inspire California’s youth to brainstorm innovative ways to make lasting resources.

“It is my hope that his passion will ignite a desire in the students to discover their personal interests by applying them to interesting projects,” says Suzette Bienvenue, an education specialist at Sacramento’s Energy and Technology Center.

Afterwards, interested students will be separated into groups. These groups will work together to create an energy business that focuses both on the needs of the community and conservation. These businesses will be presented on a panel at the State Capitol in April of 2013. The scholarship prizes range anywhere from $250 to $1,000. Individual prizes will be given out as well for the Best Mushroom Recipe as well as Best Solar Phone Charger.

With programs like these, the future of Sacramento’s energy is sure to be clean and sustainable.

To take a look at Nikhil Arora’s company ‘Back to the Roots’, you can visit their website here.

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