The City of Sacramento is the home to over 470,000 people, which makes it the 6th largest city and California and the 35th largest city in the U.S. The recent unemployment rates in California were 10% for the entire state, and 13% in Sacramento County.


Some of the average annual wages for individuals working in Sacramento are $55,800 for an elementary school teacher, $44,300 for a sales representative, $23,300 for a fast food employee and $35,200 for a customer service representative.

Many jobs in Sacramento are unionized, represented by organizations like the American Postal Workers Union, the American Federation-Teachers Union, United Transportation Union and the California Nurses Association. However there are jobs that are unionized like those at Fresh & Easy and Wal-Mart.

Sacramento is also very well known for it Government and State jobs, but is sometimes over looked for their attributes to the growing field of green jobs. The Green Capital Alliance is a partnership and organization with a goal to support the Sacramento Region’s clean technology economy. Sacramento Valley Vision also has a goal of making cleaner technology to further improve today’s economy. Both of these organizations are examples of the many jobs and works being offered in the advancements of greening Sacramento.

Lastly, Sacramento has a food culture that is constantly growing. However, when it comes to having access to healthy resources many zip codes fall short. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), areas around Meadowview, Fruitridge road and 21st avenue are considered food deserts. Food deserts are areas where healthy food and resources are highly scarce or nonexistent. These areas are usually filled with fast food restaurants and liquor stores. But with the opening of many local farmers markets in the food desert areas hopefully we can see a change in the health of our Sacramento citizens.

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