Hundreds of years ago, the people who lived on this earth worked the land to provide for themselves. Home farming was typically the only way families could survive. Ubuntu Green is a local organization that still believes in the importance of being able to provide for oneself and teaches the community of Sacramento this importance as well. Ubuntu Green is a nonprofit organization that is committed to promoting healthy, sustainable and equitable communities. This organization provides education and community empowerment to the residents it affects.

Ubuntu Green is about supporting and developing a green community. They have several different programs to advocate their cause. The key principles of this organization are outreach and participation so that is what each program involves. They have an Edible Home Garden Campaign, the Ubuntu Green, Green Youth Leadership Team, the Healthy Land Use project and the Home Community Garden Program. Each of these programs are targets to engage neighborhoods to begin to make healthier life choices.

The Home Community Garden Program is quickly becoming a popular and greatly educational program. Ubuntu Green started this program in 2009 when they decided to promote the development and sustainability of community gardens. This program has been set up to promote micro-business practices with residents and youth to promote a healthier lifestyle and sustainability. The Community Garden Program is showing the community how a garden can act as a space to gain access to healthy food in the community. The benefit is that not only are people growing their own organic fruits and vegetables, but families and members of the community are having to take one less trip to the store which prevents less pollution, less reliance on products that have been sprayed with pesticides and creating relationships between the people who tend and harvest the gardens.

Ubuntu Green provides not only the steps to start your own community garden, but the steps to educate yourself and others about how to garden and what needs to be done to  keep them healthy. These gardens can be started anywhere in your community. Any empty lot in your neighborhood could be turned into a prosperous garden or you can get a list through Ubuntu Green of vacant lots available for use. For more information on Ubuntu Green or their programs you can visit their website at or call (916) 669-0671.