By Katy Rudow

Imagine going on each and every day with no food and no place to place to call home, the cold and lonely feeling one must have with nothing of their own. This tragedy is something we see every single day and the cause for the Loaves & Fishes charity foundation. Loaves & Fishes is a fully private charity that does not solicit or accept government money, they rely on private donations to support the programs they offer to the homeless. The biggest philosophy at Loaves & Fishes is that no one passes judgment, so the programs being offered to the homeless are in the spirit of love and hospitality.

“Loaves & Fishes is a fantastic source for getting people in need restarted in life,” says Justin Wondrow, a Loaves & Fishes staff member. “We offer a wide variety of programs to assist homeless men, women and families of Sacramento and have been very successful doing so.”

The programs of Loaves & Fishes are designed to target and start a healing process for many of the weak areas someone may have in their life. Their most prominent program is the Loaves & Fishes dining room, which is open seven days a week. Every day at lunch they provide a well-balanced meal for 600-1,000 homeless people.

Not only does Loaves & Fishes offer food services to people in need but housing services as well. Maryhouse is the program’s daytime shelter for homeless women and children. This shelter provides personal attention to women with short-term guidance in hopes of helping her move on to the next step in her life. Sister Nora’s Place is another housing program offered through this foundation. This shelter is a long-term, overnight shelter that serves chronically homeless, mentally ill women. Sister Nora’s Place can provide shelter and cause management to thirteen women.

Loaves & Fishes is an organization trying to improve the lives of people in need so they can get back on their feet and reintroduced into the real world successfully. To learn more about this organization visit