By Nick Driscoll

baseballMany high school baseball players dream about playing in college, but some aren’t able to do so without going to a junior college first. Some people may think that the junior college level isn’t as competitive as a four year college would be, but those people are wrong. The Solano Falcons baseball team at Solano Community College is one of the top programs around and a leading school for transferring athletes.

Being a full time athlete as well as a full time student is a lot of work and can be stressful. Each player is required to attend all of their classes each and every week, practice after class and on weekends, and participate in conditioning four days a week, and weight training three days a week. Athletes schedules are packed from morning until dusk every day from the beginning of fall ball until the end of the season in May. All the hard work that student-athletes put in are for their goals of getting out and transferring on to the next level of college baseball.

In order for junior college players to be able to play at the next level they must perform not only on the field, but in the classroom as well. Grades of ‘C’ or better in classes are required as well as weekly progress reports from teachers. Being a student is a student-athletes first priority to success.

Things tend be rough on the two year journey to transferring to the higher levels of baseball because as you keep going up, so does the work and competition. Practice becomes more intense and competitive because players are fighting for that starting spot on the field. If you perform well  in practice, you’ll play in games and have a higher opportunity to get scouted and moved up to the next level at a four year college.

Transferring to the next level of baseball will be rewarding with hard work. Serious players treat every baseball practice with the intent that you are still trying to make the team so you always give it one hundred and ten percent. Being a junior college student-athlete makes players work hard because they know that nothing will be given to them, what you put into it, is what you’ll get out of it.