At Luther Burbank High School, students in the Visual and Performing Arts SLC program who are interested in digital media have the option to become a part of Titan TV, one of the school’s several media outlets.  This is part of the Career Technical Education Department.

“Teachers like me all teach a career set,” says John Hull, an advanced digital media teacher at Burbank. “It teaches students the skills to be a good employee and get a good job.”

Students first take the advanced digital media class to learn the basics. This class teaches students single camera production, video editing, and some journalism skills. Once the students pass the advanced digital media class, not only can they move on to the Titan TV class, but they also get the college credits at Cosumnes River College.

Titan TV is school based. Students report on what is going on at their campus. They give the daily bulletin on club meetings and important dates. Students report on sports games, record guest speakers, interview students and teachers and other Burbank staff.  Recently, Titan TV reporters interviewed several Burbank football players, who went undefeated in their regular season for the first time.

Students also report on what Burbank as a school is doing in the community and how Burbank is addressing community needs.

“The class is meant to be a fun class,” says Hull. “Students get to learn hands-on about the mass media industry. Most of the students really show genuine interest in the field.”

“I want to go on into journalism or something related to this,” says Naomi Rice, a junior in the class. “This class is really fun and I learn a lot from it.”

Titan TV, as well as the lower advanced digital media class, post all of their videos on their site. To keep up with their work, click here.