“Announcements! Announcements! Annooouuuncements!”


PCS 2012 Winners

PCS 2012 Winners


This week LiveWire! is back from the Winter break with live shows for 2013. This week we will be talking about the Short Center Repertory, PCS Film Fest & Sacramento Has Talent event.

Our first guest will be Access Sacramento Executive Director, Ron Cooper. He will be formally announcing a “Call for Scripts” for “A Place Called Sacramento Film Festival”. This is the 14th year of the festival and it will take place on Sunday, October 6th at the Crest Theatre. Access Sacramento is offering 2 special classes for writing and producing short films scripts and Ron will also be letting us in on the details for each of those classes. One of them is Short Form Script Writing with Diana Erwin and the other is Short Film Production Tips with Nate Schemel.

Ron Cooper will also be announcing our upcoming special event “Sacramento Has Talent” This event will be unique to Sacramento and it will feature the best of entertainment in our area including dance, music, and film, and theater performances. Stay tuned for more details.

For more information about “A Place Called sacramento Film Festival you can call the office at (916) 456-8600 x 0 and ask for Michelle or Ron.

Brian Hiilebert and Regina Brink in the play "Extensions" from 2011.

Brian Hiilebert and Regina Brink in the play “Extensions” from 2011.

We are very happy to welcome back guests from The Short Center Repertory. Artistic Director, James Anderson will be on the show along with other guests from the Short Center Rep. We will get to learn all about the center and the many plays they produce. We’ll also get to see a couple of clips from various projects that have been completed there. We’ll also be learning what’s to come for this year.

For details about the Short Center Repertory log on to http://ShortCenterRep.org

Tune in to LiveWire on Access Sacramento on Wednesday, January 9th at 5pm or watch the simulcast online at www.AccessSacramento .org and click ‘watch 17’.

*PCS Image is from Heath Santi

*Short Center Rep image is from Short Center Rep.