Wednesday, Jan 9, 2013


Admission: $5.00

Movies on a Big Screen at The Grange 3823 V St, Sacramento, CA 95817
Crime Wave
Crime Wave

A Night of Tears?  A Farewell Show of Epic Proportions? Join us as we say “See ya later” (never “Goodbye”) to some folks who have been very close to MOBS!  Raechel, who has usually worked the door and run equipment for the last few years is moving from Sacramento to attend college.  Cat, who’s often sold you candy for the last couple of years, will soon be running into schedule conflicts for the semester. And late night horror host Mr. Lobo (whose show is Cinema Insomnia, now nationally featured on the Zom-bee Channel on the Roku) and the wonderful Dixie Dellamorto are moving to the East Coast!  There will be balloons! And cake! And dancing!

And for this very special night, we’re showing a movie we’ve shown before – in fact, our prior screening of it was how it was discovered by Mr. Lobo and Dixie, and we’ve kicked around doing another screening with them for at least a year!

Crime Wave plus the rarely seen early short by John Paizs, The Obsession of Billy Botski

From “Kids in the Hall” director John Paizs comes a surreal comedic obscurity from 1985. There’s no true way to try to convey this film in words, but the general plot centers on a quiet young man (also played by Paizs) who is intent on writing “the greatest color crime movie ever made,” but can only write beginnings and endings – and those only by streetlight. After befriending the young Kim, she tries to help him complete his opus, but fails. Throughout the film, the various beginnings, endings, and rejected “middles” are dramatized. Throw in a mysterious and psychotic script doctor named Dr. Jolly, a private club for imaginary friends, a quarantined city — and you still won’t come close to the idea of what this film is really like.

“Genuinely unique–every time you think you know where it’s going, it veers off in some strange, and strangely fascinating, direction.” – Baltimore City Paper