Tahoe Park Neighborhood, are you aware that you’re living in a food desert?

Top identifies Tahoe Park Neighborhood and the bottom identifies (in pink) that Tahoe park is a food desert

Top identifies Tahoe Park Neighborhood and the bottom identifies (in pink) that Tahoe park is a food desert

The USDA has identified Tahoe Park Neighborhood as a food desert on its food desert locator.
Residents of Tahoe Park Neighborhood, your neighborhood has little or no access to large grocery stores that offer fresh and affordable foods needed to maintain a healthy diet. Instead, your neighborhood contains one grocery store, many fast food restaurants and convenience stores.

Tahoe Park Neighborhood only has one grocery store in the region, the Tallac Village’s Grocery Market. Those who live nearby could shop at ease; however, it could be worrisome for those who live farther away. It is a struggle for the elderly Tahoe Park Neighborhood residents to shop for produce.

“I live far from the Grocery Market,” says Tommy Frank, an elderly Tahoe Park Neighborhood resident.

Residents who are unable to find means of transportation can lack access to fresh food.

“I am 67 years old,” says James Moor, an elderly Tahoe Park Neighborhood resident.  “I have no way of transportation to other grocery stories besides the grocery store nearby in the Tallac Village. I walk there since its close, but if my son has the chance to take me to the farmer’s market, I would shop there for a week’s’ worth of food to avoid shopping at the grocery market. The fruits and vegetable isn’t much at Grocery Market, and to be frank, it’s boring there. I don’t get to meet new people and have a variety of fruits and vegetables to choose like the farmer’s market.”

Most residents agree that it would be nice to have a farmer’s market nearby.

“I think it’s great,” says Tahoe Park Neighborhood resident Evelyn Johnson. “I think the high school nearby (Hiram Johnson High School) has huge parking lot that farmers can use as a market on weekends when the school isn’t in session. Creating a farmer’s market location nearby can help out my neighbors and me. “

Take the initiative Tahoe Park Neighborhood residents, and start a garden. Create an organization that offers the elderly transportation to the local farmer’s market on weekends. Make a difference in your community.

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