Chicken 1 Pound

Lemon 1 Lemon

Rosemary 2 Sprigs

Garilc 2 TSP

Lemon Pepper 2 TSP

1 TBL Salt to taste

2 TSP of Lemon Pepper to taste


Cover your Chicken with Lemon Juice, rub down with your Garlic, Rosemary and sprinkle with
Lemon Pepper.

Spray down the baking pan with Cooking Oil

Place your Chicken in a baking dish and then pour excess lemon juice over.
Just enough to produce a layer.

Pop in a 375 degree oven on bake for approximatley 30 minutes or until your Chicken have cooked through.

Serve and enjoy!

NUTRITION FACTS – Makes 4 Servings

172.5 Calories
4 Fat
0 Fiber
32 Protein
0 Carb
0 Sugar

Level of Difficulty: 1
Total Cooking and Prep Time: 45 Minutes