By Jenny Lansing

Student, Sacramento State University, age 21

Each year during the first twelve days of December, Midtown Sacramento kicks off the holiday season with events and specials that are sure to fill visitors and residents with holiday cheer. These events showcases local businesses and organizations through festive activities that engage the public to make Midtown a part of their holiday. By supporting small boutiques during the busy season, locals will find good deals on their favorite items and also help out owners within the community for a greater cause.

“It is quite simple, by spending your hard earned dollars within your community, you are directly giving back to one of your neighbors, the business owner,”says  Abraham Sanchez, owner of Article Consignment Boutique. “You are ensuring that the particular business you are supporting has a chance to survive during these hard economic times.”

Article Consignment Boutique focuses on providing fashion at low prices to its customers as well as contributing to the local fashion community by getting involved with events and collaborating with local artists.

“Most small businesses are owned and operated by locals and in the case of Article Consignment, we are a family-of-four ran business,” say Sanchez. My wife Valerie and I work each day and are blessed to have the opportunity to be able to bring our four and one year old daughters with us.”

The boutique does a fantastic job of making shopping more personal and friendly for customers—unlike buying from large businesses, you know who and where your money is going to. Other small businesses all around Midtown also have the same welcoming feel to them.

“Article Consignment Boutique is unique in the sense that when someone shops here they are not only directly supporting the Sanchez family of four but the hundreds of local individuals that consign with us,” stresses Sanchez.  “These consignors make a percentage of the sale. So everyone who shops at Article supports a huge number of individuals in our local and greater Sacramento community. That is the real beauty of shopping true consignment.”

Article Consignment,and all of Midtown, take pride in the strides they make not only during this holiday season, but every day of the year.  While shopping for the holidays in Midtown, we all can make a big difference just by shopping at small businesses.