Bullying is a problem that many students face daily. With the advent of new digital technologies, the latest form of bullying, cyberbullying, has become a big problem with many young people. Most young people own cell phones and have access to social media sites. Along with bullying as a whole, the Sacramento City Unified School District is focusing in on cyberbullying and how to prevent it from happening.

According to the Sacramento City Unified School District anti-bullying policy, cyberbullying is defined as the following: “Electronic bullying or cyberbullying is the use of electronic communication technology such as, but not limited to, e-mail, instant messages, text messages, mobile phones, and websites to send or post messages or images to embarrass, humiliate, spread rumors, threaten or intimidate.”

The SCUSD Strategic Plan identifies bullying and cyberbullying as problems facing the district. It provides information about laws on bullying and cyberbullying and also provides strategies on how to effectively prevent bullying from happening in Sacramento schools.

“We want to educate students and parents,” says Lawrence Shweky, Coordinator of Integrated Support Services for SCUSD. “Students don’t understand how powerful electronic messages can be and how quickly they can spread.”

“Parents need to have more oversight  in students electronic activities and teach their children the proper use for these”

Community members are encouraged to join in helping to prevent bullying as a whole. You can report bullying by calling or texting 1-855-86-BULLY, completing the bullying report form, or by just telling someone.

Also, the Bullying Prevention Advisory Committee will be starting meetings January 14, 2013 at the Serna Center and will be continuing every second Monday of the month.