By Ajay Lawson

There are many resources that are needed in Sacramento, and one of those resources are safe places for youth, specifically LGBTQ and allied youth. Even though there are after school programs and other “safe places” for youth to go, few of these are friendly for youth that are LGBTQ. These places can lack mentors that are familiar and supportive or  have unwelcoming even homophobic feeling environments. It is important for a community to provide accessible resources for ALL youth and that means having a space that is safe for LGBTQ youth just like it is important to have a place where students from other cultural backgrounds can go to be safe.

Here in Sacramento, resources for LGBTQ youth are not well distributed as most services such as groups for youth are downtown, and while downtown is probably to easiest place to get to it is still a struggle for some. Good news is that over the past few years community members and organizations have taken sight of the lack of resources and started efforts to expand. For Sacramento, it may have just been the Gay and Lesbian Center. But, now there are resources such as the Connect Center in Sacramento City Unified School District and the Gender Health Center around that offer services for LGBTQ youth and even non-LGBTQ youth.

It may not be extremely visible but there are resources and services if you look.

If you would like to be involved with the current work that is happening to make Sacramento a more inclusive city for LGBTQ youth Contact Ajay Lawson via email at or call/text her at 916-284-8742