Are you a young person in Sacramento who is interested in a healthy fundraising alternative for your school, congregation, club, or other organization? If so, contact Fresh Producers, a California tax-exempt non-profit and BHC grantee to learn how to get started raising money in a healthy way!

Nhia Lor is holding up a locally grown vegetable!

Hiram Johnson’s Fresh Producers intern is holding up a locally grown vegetable!

Future Fresh Producers can gain a professional experience, opportunities to earn income, and financial literacy. Fresh Producers can also earn up to $4.00 for themselves by selling bags filled with an assortment of fruits and vegetables that are locally grown.  With every transaction, Fresh Producers deposit a percentage of their sales into a scholarship fund for all youth participants.

This organization’s mission is to help young people in the Sacramento area learn about healthy diets while providing them with an early start on saving from college expenses by providing an easy fundraiser.  Fresh Producers have already partnered up with Hiram Johnson High School in the Sacramento City Unified School District.  Simply put, it’s all about youth producing wealth from health.

Students at Hiram Johnson have been keeping busy working with Fresh Producers on and off campus. As of October 2012, they have been actively selling their produce parcels to SCUSD staff, as well as to their teachers and families.

“In the beginning of my internship, I wasn’t confident in my abilities to reach out to others,” says Nhia Lor, an intern with Fresh Producers. “However, as time progressed, my internship at Fresh Producers has encouraged me to expand my comfort zone and improve my social skills by requiring me reach out to the public. I have to walk up to complete strangers and initiate a conversation in hope of a sale, no longer fearing rejection or disappointment.”

Other Hiram Johnson Fresh Producers interns have similar comments about the benefits of this program.

“Fresh Producers has greatly aided in improving my communication skills,” says Hiram Johnson senior and Fresh Producers intern, Juan Perez “I must admit that my articulation and transmitting skills around others were quite horrid, I constantly stuttered and mumbled. Nevertheless, my internship experience gave me the push I needed to better my communication skills. I am now confident in my abilities to assert myself to others.”

While striving to operate as a benefactor to the community, Fresh Producers also offers Sacramento’s young people opportunities to gain life skills, while producing financial support for the future.

If you wish to support a Hiram Johnson’s Fresh Producers intern, you can give a donation or purchase one of their fresh fruit and vegetable bags. Those who are curious about what Fresh Producers are doing now can also check out their Facebook page,