U.S. Army Corps of Engineers park ranger Gary Basile teaches a group of students from Maple Elementary School about the wetlands.

It’s generally regarded that most young children have a fascination with animals. Whether it’s the indoor housecat or the goldfish in the fish tank, many kids have a natural tendency to gravitate towards animals. The Effie Yeaw Nature Center located in the Ancil Hoffman County Park in Carmichael has taken advantage of this fact by providing free programs nearly every weekend. These programs teach about the natural wildlife right here in Northern California.

Past family activities at the center have featured wacky woodpeckers, slithering reptiles, and creatures that roam beneath ones feet. With creatures ranging from the soft and feathery to the slimey and the scaley, the nature center offers plenty of variety. One of the centers’ upcoming events, scheduled for December 26th, is titled ‘Under the Oaks’. This program is designed to provide information on camping and survival skills.

“I want my granddaughter to have a taste for the outdoors,” says Barbara Jordan, a proud grandmother and strong believer that animals can bring about many benefits in children and adolescents. “When she goes to her daycare center, she sees horses and it is something that sparked a love in animals for her. This to me proves that what kids see can have a huge impact on their interests.”

According to sheknows.com, encouraging children to read about their favorite pet or to take part in obedience classes with a parent and the pet can all encourage a child’s cognitive development as it sparks the desire for learning.

Events like those provided by Effie Yeaw help teach people of all ages about animals by allowing them to get up close and personal with some creatures that one wouldn’t have the opportunity to see in the city. One of the main goals of the nature center is to educate Sacramento’s youth about the importance of maintaining a clean environment, and respecting the wildlife around us. If they can achieve that, the future of Sacramento’s wildlife parks and sanctuaries is sure to be very bright.

If you would like to know more about the Effie Yeaw Nature Center, you can go to their website http://www.sacnaturecenter.net, or visit their facebook page, here.

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Photos taken from flickr.com’s creative commons.